Pedro Ximenez Gutiérrez Colosía 750ml


The Pedro Ximenez wine is a very sweet wine which has mahogany color along with some kind of peace aromas. It is also elaborated with Pedro Ximenez grapes which were exposed to the sun previously. Besides, this bottle of 750ml of Pedro Ximenez wine has 18º alcohol. 

Since 1838, the winery called Gutiérrez Colosía has been found in the bay of Cádiz, in the mouth of the Guadalete’s river. This characteristic gives the perfect humidity to the wines for their biologic breeding. 

The Gutiérrez-Colosía wines are high quality wines due to the fantastic system of breeding that the winery has. In addition to this, the structure of this winery is characterized by very high buildings with a lot of arcs inside of them which expose the wide variety of wines of which we can enjoy in Jerez.