Organic brown sugar 1/2 kg. Mauritius islands

Mascovado sugar can be used as a sweetener, ideal in wholemeal baking, for wholemeal cakes and biscuits.

Raw sugar is a type of sweetener that is highly regarded around the world because it offers benefits to the body. This is because it does not go through the chemical process of bleaching and refining, and because it has a different chemical structure. Chewing sugar is more attractive because it is wholemeal and allows for a more balanced diet.

It is obtained from sweetened molasses. It has no additives such as activated carbon, sulphur dioxide or phosphoric acid, as does its derivative, white sugar. In addition, the refined option removes almost all the calcium, iron, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium from this food, leaving it devoid of nutrients, but with more calories.

Chewing sugar increases the body’s energy for short periods of time. It also provides strength and helps to strengthen muscles. It is good for general well-being, for when we feel tired or weak. The latter is because it reduces the levels of the hormone serotonin naturally.

The texture of brown sugar is similar to wet sand. It removes dead skin cells from the face and skin in general, and is used as an exfoliating beauty treatment. It removes blockages in the pores, enriches the skin with vitamin B and delays the signs of ageing.

INGREDIENTS: Brown cane sugar not refined, dry and brown. (100%) *. *: from organic farming.

WEIGHT: 500 gr.

Composition: 100% carbohydrates. Energy value per 100g: 400 kcal / 1700 KJ.